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Etna Trekking Eng

Etna Trekking

With us you will not do a simple hike, but a real “travel experience” to remember lifelong.

Etna trekking is one of the most fascinating experience you can live in Sicily.

Mount Etna, about 3.300 meters high, is the highest volcano in Europe and one of the most active in the world.

Surrounded by nature and through a track different from the most common and busy, you will appreciate the unique biodiversity and the breath-taking landscapes which are typical of the highest European volcano, UNESCO world heritage site from 2013.

With our guides you will have the chance to live an unforgettable adventure through dense woods, lava flows and extinct craters.

You can do a customized hike along all the side of the volcano, choosing even the difficulty level of the excursion (easy; medium; hard).

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We give you the chance to choose among different offers

  • 2 or more day of Etna trekking overnight staying in tent or in lodge.

This kind of excursion was created for those who want to live an experience “outside of the box”, along uncommon tracks. For this excursion is required: will to walk, spirit of adaptation and flexibility and camping experience.

  • Foto trekking

This excursion was created for nature and photography lovers. Etna offers wonderful naturalistic landscapes. In few kilometers you will have the possibility to admire many different types of setting: arid landscapes, lunar landscapes, colorful and flourish landscapes. Let yourself be inspired by this unique ecosystem, here is easy to express your passion for photography!

  • Etna speleotrek

A double adventure, which combines the pleasure of a bushwalk through the green and dense woods of the Mount Etna with the fascinating exploration of some volcanic caves. These interesting caves, made by volcanic activity, are the biggest lava tube in Europe.

  • Trekking during an eruption

Available only during an eruption. An organized excursion to watch and admire in complete safety the lava flows and take breath-taking photos of this incredible natural phenomenon. The only way to appreciate for real this fascinating and amazing natural spectacle.

The choice is up on you!

What to bring

appropriate clothing (according to the season) and the desire of adventure!

Equipment and service:

  • Duration: Half-day or entire day
  • Difficulty: Easy-Medium- Hard
  • Included equipment: Jacket, backpack, walking sticks.
  • Technical equipment, if needed.
  • Lunch (to arrange during the booking process)
  • English/German/French speaking guide

What to know

Who can join the tour?

Body rafting in the Alcantara gorges is an experience suitable for people of all ages and physical ability. You can join the tour on your own or in group.

What if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad, you will be constantly informed. If the weather does not permit the excursion, it is possible to rearrange it. In case you have payed already a deposit for the tour, we can refund you without any penalty.

Season and time

We are available all year long, from 9:00 to 16:00

Booking is mandatory

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