River Trekking al fiume Alcantara

River Trekking in the Alcantara Gorges

River Trekking in the Alcantara Gorges

Water trekking is an exciting walk against the current in the cold water of Alcantara river. A way to admire from the bottom of the canyon the amazing columnar basalts of the Alcantara gorges. Thanks to the support of our guides, who will explain you the historical and scientific characteristics of this corner of Sicily, you will appreciate the delicate balance of the river ecosystems.

The experience we propose you is a way to live the river without any meditation, an experience that let you familiarize with the natural elements, walking between water and sky, between air and fire, surrounded by the only indestructible element: the rock.

River Trekking - Alcantara

Equipment and service

  • 1 hour of Water-trekking
  • geological, historical and naturalistic information (in English/German/Italian)
  • Technical equipment: waterproof overalls –
  • entry ticket to the Alcantara river park.
  • free personal effects safekeeping

What is this tour?

This tour is an excursion/guided visit in the Alcantara river park, along the most famous and suggestive part of it.

What to bring

A change of clothes, a beach towel, a swimsuit, good mood and the desire of adventure. All the rest is up to us.

Do I fell cold in the water?

Wearing the waterproof overalls (on your clothes) you will keep normal your body temperature.

Do I need to know how to swim?

Know how to swim is not needed. The water is low along all the track.

Who can join the tour?

this experience is suitable for people of all ages and physical ability. You can join the tour on your own or in group.

What if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad, you will be constantly informed. If the weather does not permit the excursion, it is possible to rearrange it. In case you have payed already a deposit for the tour, we can refund you without any penalty.

Season and time

We are available from March the 1st to October the 30th, from 9:00 to 16:00

Booking is mandatory

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